Spyglass / Eternal Tango - Split-CD

8 songs
37:29 minutes
***** ****

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Eternal Tango Bandpage

While our neighbours in France and Belgium seem to be stuck in old school hardcore clichés (that's at least the impression I get from the concerts organised in those countries), Luxembourg is having something of a punk revolution, with good bands not only playing cool shows, but also releasing cool albums. After the excellent Eyston demo CD, it's now time for two young bands who decided to make their first CD a split-album, and why not? This way you get to know immediately two great new bands for a very acceptable price.

Let's start with Spyglass who first surfaced as an instrumental acoustic three-piece in 2003, where they surprised with elegant solemn compositions. It was already known back then that they would add a drummer and a vocalist and head into a more electric direction, but I have to admit I was surprised that they started immediately into a full-fledged rocking emocore direction. Well, surprised, but certainly not disappointed. With the vocalist you used to sing for Clark Kent, three of their four songs are sung in German, which works really well. The vocals are most of the time screamo, although there's enough room more melodic (but not mellow) parts as can be witnessed on Blick auf die Uhr and the longer I Agree, their only English song (and reading the lyrics, you understand their decision to sing in German very well). While the song writing is very straightforward, in a take-no-prisoners attitude, there's also a lot of technical subtleties, especially the bass guitar adds many melodic touched unusual with this genre. But then after witnessing their short acoustic lifetime, we shouldn't be surprised that these guys can play their instruments perfectly. Now that they added a rocking dimension, they are a sublime proof of our local growing scene.

Eternal Tango are very young people, and although I had the opportunity to see them live a couple of times already, I didn't expect such tight and explosive music. Already their opener Outcasted From The Human Circle (and sorry guys, "Outcasted" isn't a word!) is a perfect example of their very own symbiosis of screamo core (Envy, Funeral Diner, Off Minor and Yage are but a few of their influences) and a more metallic component. Every time the vocals are melodic, I feel slightly reminded of Linkin Park, but then the screaming guitars bring me back to the reality of their great emo sound, and I know they only add the melodies to make their music sound even more involving. Although their contribution is more mature than should be allowed for such young people, there is one thing that needs criticism: all their songs are a bit too long, with the last minute either being filled with sound effects, or with long spoken words in between (as on Nomkitha). Their concluding piece Forever Inside Of Me is an unexpected acoustic ballad Eternal Tango dedicated to one of their member's deceased father and to Marc Zanussi, Socialist deputy who left this world way too early after a tragic surfing accident.

The excellently produced digipak album (recorded at the Kulturfabrik) can be ordered for only 8 Euros on the bands' websites, where you can also download one song (Spyglass) and two samples (Eternal Tango). Both bands are really amazing at what they do, and although they both can be seen as emocore bands, they are still quite different from one another (Spyglass more rocking, Eternal Tango more with a metal edge) to make this album a very pleasing experience. Absolutely not to be missed!

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