Squarefeet - Flat Foot

10 songs
75:07 minutes
***** ****


Finnish producer Pepe Kosminen used to be in the duo Squaremeat which released a couple of albums. Then this project broke apart, leaving him to reinvent himself as Squarefeet. The two EPs Fat Feet (late 2009) and Fujisan (early 2010) offered already a healthy dose of high quality psytrance music. Those who own these two records will be disappointed that Squarefeet’s first solo longplayer Flat Foot contains both EPs in their entirety, so that the first half hour you will get the four songs from Fat Feet, followed by the three songs from Fujisan, which leaves only three previously unreleased tracks that make up another twenty-four minutes.

Everybody else should be happy with his seventy-five minute long album which proves that Squarefeet’s chosen style works best the longer it lasts. The songs are all between six and nine minutes long, indulging in the finest imaginable psychedelic trance explorations that come with danceable beats, dubby bass, atmospheric keyboards, psychedelic melodies and ethnic touches that make you feel out of this world.

Squarefeet is of course an electronic performer, creating music which is not that unlike techno, but its organic feeling should make it even accessible to listeners of handmade psychedelic space rock la Ozric Tentacles, Quantum Fantay and the likes. Flat Foot is a fine example of how electronica and psychedelia can merge into something truly mind tripping.

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