Squarefeet - Fujisan

3 songs
21:29 minutes
***** ***


Only a few months ago, I reviewed Squarefeet’s debut EP Fat Feet, and now the Finnish trance artist is already back with his second one, Fujisan, meant as an appetiser for his upcoming first longplayer wittily titled Flat Foot. The three tracks are, as on the previous output, lengthy quasi-instrumental elaborations that try to establish, by using different means, a hypnotic effect.

The opener Air Squirrel is the longest (eight minutes) but also more normal sounding track that comes with a synthesizer driven lead and ethnic sounding female vocals, culminating in purest electronic trance that should even appeal to fans of more organic psychedelic music. The following Tango Step takes some getting used to, as it features a short vocoder styled melody that repeats over its nearly seven minute length. At first this feels really tedious, but once the vocals have hooked you, it’s nearly impossible to escape this song’s weird charm. The concluding Rapture Roll adds wobbly, low sounding synth carpets to its otherwise ethnic trance mood, and the slower beat gives it a more brooding temper.

Fujisan is a good example of the different ways that an artist can choose to concoct hypnotic electronica. If Squarefeet is able to extend this eclectic approach to his forthcoming longplayer, we are really in for something spectacular.

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