SQUEALER - The Circle Shuts

Squealer - The Circle Shuts

10 songs
46:48 minutes
***** ****


Squealer are an institution when it comes to German thrash metal. Even though the band, founded already in 1984, only ever achieved moderate success, they never gave up and always stayed true to their ideals. This doesn’t change on their seventh full-length album The Circle Shuts which is once again a treat for friends of harder metal music.

After the tragic demise of their original singer Andy Allendörfer in 2005 and one record with Gus Chambers (Grip Inc.), Norbert Vornam is now the new vocalist whose excellent range reminds somewhat of Warrel Dane and Rob Halford. Squealer’s mix of crunchy thrash metal and melodic power metal lies also somewhere between Nevermore and Judas Priest. The excellent opener The Sources Of Ignition is an optimal start into the album, setting the mood right with some powerful thrash attacks. On the one hand, Squealer manage without a problem to give their material the necessary heaviness, on the other hand, there is always enough melody to make every track accessible. Some pieces, like for instance Mask Of The Betrayer and New Saviour, are kept at a more moderate pace, and turn out to become minor hymns. I Came For You starts out as a ballad before transforming into something much harder. The rhythm section provides a more than adequate backbone; especially the drummer’s performance is quite impressive. Thus Thrasher not only convinces but really honours its title.

Squealer have done everything right on The Circle Shuts, coming up with a retro thrash album that is a pleasure to listen to. The limited edition of the album comes with an added bonus of the band’s first EP Human Traces from 1989 which have so far never been released on CD. Yet this should not be the only reason to get the new Squealer album.

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