STEEL SCREAM - Lock n’Load And Get Ready!

Steel Scream - Lock n’Load And Get Ready!

5 songs
17:12 minutes
***** **


Metal bands from Estonia rarely find their way into Western Europe, an observation which makes Steel Scream the exception to the rule. The band name of this 2006 founded band reveals that we are in the presence of old school heavy thrash metal fans. After many shows and positive reviews back home, the band decided to enter a studio to record this rather good five track EP.

Rooted strongly in the metal past, the first chords already betray Metallica, Megadeth and Annihilator as major influences. The production is no worse than their idols’ twenty to twenty-five years earlier, only the intervals between the songs could have been shorter. The guitar work is thrilling, the rhythm section is excellently tight, only the vocals sometimes can’t hold up to an equally high level.

The songs are mostly kept in mid-tempo regions. Only the final track Shrapnel is rawer and could have fitted on Metallica’s debut. The songs are all pretty good, only some more variety would have benefited them. This is why it was probably a smart move to start only with a shorter playing EP.

Steel Scream are still a very young band that has still a lot to learn. The EP still proves that there is a lot of potential that needs to be tapped. Lock n’Load And Get Ready! is already a promising visiting card that should fulfil its goal of allowing the band to put a first step in the metal scene.

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