Steve Honoshowsky - Soul Amputation

7 songs
17:06 minutes
***** **


Better known as the drummer of No Use For Humans, Steve Honoshowsky decided to record a solo EP back in 2005. According to expectations, Soul Amputation is of course heavily focused on his drum and percussion playing, and the first couple of songs give the impression that we have to deal with a drum and percussion only record. It all starts with Intro Improv, followed by I Am Not An Animal, which sounds as coming from the deepest jungle. Another improvisation, Improv #1, continues in that vein. It’s only with Jersey Surf Sluts that synthesizers find their way into the music, and all of a sudden I feel reminded of Publicist, the solo project by Trans Am drummer Sebastian Thomson. The signature drum sound is backed with a funky soul melody, creating a fictional TV show theme. April 30th Revisited is a more experimental piece starting out quite mellow before flirting with contemporary classical music rhythms. Improv #2 delivers more crazy drums only music, before the EP ends on the six minute long Something Kinky where Honoshowsky draws all the registers in an insane Mr Bunglish rollercoaster ride.

Soul Amputation feels less progressive but more playful than the performer’s main band, and should be more accessible, provided you have a taste for crazy experimentalism. It was a good idea to add synthesizers to some of the tracks, as this helps the strictly percussive material to stand out stronger without tiring an audience which is probably not used to listen to music without melody based instruments. Even though Soul Amputation is already half a decade old, it should still keep enough interest to catch your attention.

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