STIGMA - New York Blood

Stigma - New York Blood

13 songs
40:18 minutes
***** **
I Scream


Most people associate Agnostic Front with Roger Miret who released already a couple of albums with the Disasters. Yet the only remaining founding member of that hardcore legend is Vinny Stigma who has now, after a quarter century, released his first solo CD. Better known as a guitarist, he’s also doing the vocal parts in Stigma.

New York Blood is, like the title hints, a tribute to his hometown. Fortunately Stigma is no simple rehashing of Agnostic Front, but show Vinny from a quieter side. He can’t and doesn’t want to hide his roots, making hardcore still the main ingredient for his new band that contains also two other Agnostic Front members. Stigma has a higher punk quota, reminding somewhat of the Ramones and Black Flag. Towards the end, the album shows a more melancholic and folk face, where I especially want to point out 15 Pints with its parallels to Dropkick Murphys. Vinny’s quiet side is best displayed by the country like Blurry Nights and the slightly sad Hole In My Heart. The CD ends with a successful cover version of the 7 Seconds classic Young Till I Die.

New York Blood is an appealing album that can be listened to again and again. It only lacks the really great moments, preventing Stigma from attaining the level reached by Roger Miret or Agnostic Front. Apart from four or five more unusual songs, we still get mostly well known punk and hardcore patterns… But this is still good enough to party to.

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