STÍNY PLAMENŮ - Mrtvá Komora

Stíny Plamenů - Mrtvá Komora

9 songs
46:46 minutes
***** ***
Naga Productions


Czech city Plzeň is best known for giving the world the recipe for Pilsener beer, but has of course much more to offer, even if black metal may not be what the general beer drinker may have in mind. Stíny Plamenů were founded in the late Nineties and released a couple of solo albums before Lord Morbivod decided to hire the services of other musicians which finally made this a real band. Mrtvá Komora is already the fifth studio album by Stíny Plamenů whose Czech lyrics make their music quite exotic probably not only for my ears.

The band is sounding very old school, and even though they label their genre wastewater black metal, they play actually fast paced black metal with a sufficient amount of melodies and some orchestral percussion, although the latter suffers from a really horrid production.

At times they remind me of Czech black metal pioneers Master’s Hammer, although the vocals suggest also a hint of Martin Walkyier the way he used to bark with British thrash metal band Sabbat. This creates a direction that is neither aiming for the glossy symphonic dark metal market nor trying to emulate the primal Norwegian brand. The nine songs featured on Mrtvá Komora take some time before hooking themselves in the listener’s brain, but that’s what makes them so special. Without reinventing black metal, Stíny Plamenů nevertheless manage to perform the genre with a primeval ferocity, all the while keeping a non-negligible amount of originality that should make their new album a welcome addition to every fan of unpolished black metal.

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