STONEMAN - Sex Drugs Murder

Stoneman - Sex Drugs Murder

11 songs
41:55 minutes


Switzerland is mostly a desert when it comes to rock music, and apart from the great Celtic Frost and Coroner, there never came anything truly innovative from the Alps Republic. It would have been a nice surprise if Stoneman would have changed the habit, but already the promo photo is hint enough that Stoneman care too much about fashion and (therefore?) neglect their music. Looking like a grown up Tokio Hotel, at least they sound much harder. The album starts with the ok In My Arms, like a harder Soundtrack with Linkin Park melodies. The following track, the single-edit Devil In A Gucci Dress, even has some hit potential. Schlaf Mein Kind has a slight Rammstein attitude, and Protect Me should be interesting alone for the backing vocals by the late Elis singer Sabine DŁnser. Up until here, Sex Drugs Murder is a good album, but then for the five songs, it dramatically loses focus, and even the uninspired J.J. Cale cover version Cocaine doesn't save the middle part of the album. The two last songs have better qualities again. Evil Fly could well come as the second single output, and the industrial, experimental, savagely crawling and long Good Bye And Fuck You finally shows the band from the innovative side we didn't expect in the end.

Stoneman are still a very young band, and in my opinion they made the mistake to concentrate more on the form than on the content. If they know to combine their catchy goth metal with their weirder industrial passages, there might still be hope that a sophomore release will get a much better rating than this somewhat lacklustre debut.

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