STORMRIDER - Lucifer Rising

Stormrider - Lucifer Rising

9 songs
39:47 minutes
***** **
Aural Offerings


Winged warriors, swords and helmets, Satanic churches, thunder and lightning, all rendered in a purple light… the cover artwork hints already at the general direction the second album of the Swedish Stormrider is taking: old school Scandinavian death metal with a penchant for Eighties thrash and a little black metal. This doesn’t make Lucifer Rising a terribly original album, but what the band doesn’t have in innovation is substituted with their raging performance. Especially the second track Conflictual Insanity is Swedish extremity at its best, reminding me of Dissection’s better days. The pace is generally elevated, the production is transparent, with a little emphasis on the higher frequencies, but that doesn’t disturb, only gives the CD a more antique feeling.

Those accustomed with death metal should notice immediately that Stormrider are probably into music just for the fun of it, and that’s what is lifting Lucifer Rising a far above average release. Despite its lack of new ideas, it understands to entertain for forty minutes. Death metal fans can’t make anything wrong by purchasing the album. The flood of releases that has been drowning the market after the summer hole makes it of course more than questionable if the generic death metal fan will even notice this album. I give it seven points, because even though Stormrider don’t do anything exceptional, they do what they do with an enormous amount of gusto, making Lucifer Rising a surprisingly charming underground production.

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