STOUT - Time Has Come To A Standstill

Stout - Time Has Come To A Standstill

9 songs
30:39 minutes
***** **
I.C. Recordings


Metal core seems to be the big thing at the moment, and apart from several more progressive minded bands (that most of the time come from the United States), there is not much renewal going on. Unlike people who are really into this kind of music and start comparing every likewise band to 30% Caliban and 45% Heaven Shall Burn and a pinch of Darkest Hour, I never really was that deep into those bands and therefore take the liberty to see the roots deeper in the past. In fact, from the cool opener The Wise Man's Smile on, Stout not only combine crushing hardcore with European style death metal, but there is more than just a little trace of mid- to late-Eighties German style thrash metal, reminding me at times of the really cool bands like Kreator and Destruction, especially on the short F.Y.I.A. whose intro seems to be borrowed from Destruction's cult song Mad Butcher.

I've said it before, Time Has Come To A Standstill is anything but original, but with about half the songs being really more than just very good, they show a potential that sets them above most other European metal core bands I have heard. Apart from the opener, I also recommend Treadmill, the slightly psychedelic Something Remains, the title song and the long closer Clear Off.

With only half an hour, this is a rather short album, especially as there are also only nine songs, but as long as quality prevails over quantity, we can be happy. Not necessarily a must-have album, but certainly a good addition to every well sorted metal core collection. Plus a big thumbs up for their label for displaying on their website also the negative reviews, but don't worry, while this isn't the masterpiece some people want you to believe, it is anything but bad and fully deserves seven fat points, with more to expect in the future.

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