STRAIGHTAWAY - Democracy Of Spreading Poverty

Straightaway - Democracy Of Spreading Poverty

14 songs
40:43 minutes
Fond Of Life


Straightaway is a newcomer emo punk band from Paris. Democracy Of Spreading Poverty is the band’s debut album and can be considered as a strong tribute to the American pioneers of that genre. I couldn’t name you any other European band sounding more suitable for a skateboarding music compilation or Tony Hawk video game soundtrack.

It’s surprising that the singer uses impeccable English as I have encountered too many French bands that failed already there. Straightaway are using a sound which doesn’t differ at all from established bands like No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Blink 182, etc. Most of the time, this French four-piece is playing rather fast songs with crunchy guitar riffs and extremely melodic and harmonic vocal arrangements. The pop factor has a far more important part than the punk elements. This recipe works fine for the majority of the songs, and the album even contains some real smashers (Never Surrender, Had Your Chance, Safe Illusions, A Promise To Resist). But all these songs can be found in the first half of the record. Either the album suffers from a huge loss of quality during the second half or their music can’t keep my attention anymore as the song structures are very repetitive. Furthermore the calm Thousands Miles Away and the clumsy Unchaining Story are really not very good.

The boys from Straightaway know how to write nice songs with wonderful pop melodies. Even their lyrics show social awareness. But eventually the band doesn’t seem yet ready for a full-length album. If Straightaway had limited themselves to an eight songs EP, the result would have been more attractive than the actual product which makes it a bit difficult to stay alert during the entire playing time.

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