Strike Anywhere - Iron Front

13 songs
29:59 minutes
***** ****
Bridge Nine


Starting a good ten years ago, American melodic hardcore band Strike Anywhere instantly made it to the very top thanks to their high quality outputs and performances. Three years have passed since the last studio album, making Iron Front the fourth CD by the band that expectedly shows itself from its best side, both musically and lyrically.

Once again Strike Anywhere found the perfect balance between heaviness and melody unlike any other band can do right now. The opener Invisible Colony instantly underlines the musicians’ talents. Choirs with incredible harmonies and countless pace changes make you hungry for more. The following hymn I’m Your Opposite Number is one of the album’s highlights. The often multilayered choruses come with a catchy punk spirit that makes you want to sing along, as can be testified on Hand Of Glory and The Crossing. Even though the songs average only two and a half minutes, they contain everything you need in a great punk / hardcore song. This may not be overly innovative, but such energy bursting performance wouldn’t need that anyway. The production turned out just right: sometimes dirty, but always transparent enough to underline the band’s strengths. Strike Anyway come with a charisma I haven’t encountered in this genre since the legendary 7 Seconds.

Rise Against will have to look out for Strike Anywhere who have released with Iron Front one of their best album yet, making it hard for anyone to outdo them. At all events Strike Anywhere have catapulted themselves to the very top of the melodic hardcore scene. Wussy core sell-outs like Billy Talent and Thrice have long since missed the train.

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