STRIVING HIGHER - Striving Higher

Striving Higher - Striving Higher

10 songs
18:32 minutes
***** **

Striving Higher’s self-titled ten song CD can hardly be called a full-length, as it is not even twenty minutes long. After an initial EP released two years earlier, Striving Higher came out already in 2004, and although it is still sold for quite a low price by their label, I doubt that the band is still around, as their homepage is no longer online and there is also no sign of life to be found on Myspace.

Striving Higher were a Dutch band that was fully into the positive hardcore sound of the American East Coast, as it was a big thing in the early Nineties. They don’t do a bad job on this powerfully produced CD, as they pummel their way from song to song, with quite a sense of melody but hardly taking time off for a break, which makes it also hard to discern any highlights, although Sometimes comes with its catchy riffing quite to close to being one.

If you like(d) bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Warzone and Youth Of Today, then by all means don’t miss out on this record if you happen to find it for an acceptable price. Striving Higher probably never intended to revolutionise the music scene, but for as long as they were active, they delivered without taking any prisoners.

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