STUCK - Optimus Prime

Stuck - Optimus Prime

6 songs
29:15 minutes
***** **


Optimus Prime, the first EP by Solingen four-piece Stuck, is an angry piece of thrash metal light years away from hype metal, so don't expect songs about flying dragons and endless pain in hell. The six songs are not really trendy and I even dare use the word retro. Retro metal often makes us think of the Golden Eighties, but Stuck's roots are stuck in the Nineties. It's a bastard sound somewhere between Pantera, Sepultura, Crowbar and Corrosion Of Conformity. To avoid being a simple clone, the music is powered up with more modern and very brutal elements influenced by Caliban and Killswitch Engage. The result really isn't too bad because Stuck aren't bad song writers. The opener Absence Of Relation is a cool mixture of hardcore and nu metal. Song 2 is less hard, but nevertheless brutal and very stamping. Mindfield is a groovy song with violent mosh parts. The songs on the EP aren't very original, but maybe this wasn't the band's intention.

Funnily, Different Drug reminds me of Luxemburg's Clean State like they sounded in the late Nineties. Did I already mention the retro touch?. Also retro are the spoken word sniplets taken from different movies (anyone remember Dereks don't run?). Lyrically Stuck walk a very broad repertoire, ranging from fears in life to failed relationships and from pornography on the Internet to poetry.

Optimus Prime probably would have been more of a smasher if it had been released seven or eight years ago. But everyone who likes the bands mentioned above should check out this respectable debut.

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