THE STUFF - Pick It Up, Pig Boy

The Stuff - Pick It Up, Pig Boy

12 songs
33:26 minutes
***** ****
Ill Wind


Rock'n'roll has nowadays become quite trendy, especially when it comes from Sweden as it is the case for The Stuff, four musicians who believe they are rats. A really strange story, but the music is more convincing than the hazy background information. After a 4-track EP which was released last year, Pick It Up, Pig Boy is the first full-length CD by those wild animals.

The opener Pretty Please makes you discover typical rock'n'roll trademarks like noisy guitars, a wild rhythm section, distorted vocals and a lo-fi production. However there's much more behind The Stuff's works. These classical ingredients are powered up by a smart sense for melodies and different retro ingredients. Pop music has certainly influenced The Stuff because Here Comes The Judge is a possible hit single that could have been written by The Sweet more than three decades ago. On other songs, you hear strong retro elements going from harder music like The Stooges to proto punk la Lou Reed, without forgetting easygoing moments inspired by T-Rex and the Kinks.

But most impressing about The Stuff is their talent for writing choruses that won't leave your mind so easily. The song Pl-pl-please, which I knew already from the advance single, is so simple but cute that you just have to like it. Say Goodbye is another example that underlines their skill for melodies.

The music on Pick It Up, Pig Boy isn't too revolutionary, but it's just amazing how uncomplicated and unforced everything sounds. This is one of the catchiest albums I've been listening to for a long time and I'm sure that their album will often find its way into my CD player.

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