STWORYWODNE - Black Muds, Bad Big Village

Stworywodne - Black Muds, Bad Big Village

6 songs
22:18 minutes
***** *
Lado ABC


Stworywodne (the Polish word for water creatures) is a four-piece from Warsaw playing instrumental post rock. The band uses the classical rock instruments (guitar, bass, synthesizer, drums), although two guests perform a few saxophone and trumpet parts.

The first four songs are part of one longer track called Postcards, nearly fourteen minutes long, and containing both highs and lows. A discreet intro is followed by a wind section and Fripp-ish guitar playing. The second part is darker and quite calm but unfortunately there doesn’t happen very much. The third part is the best with its noisy guitars reminding me of Maserati. The last part is again less spectacular and quite monotonous. Grasshoppers is my personal highlight on the record as it’s faster and shows some parallels to King Crimson. The final track Lost Meadows has bizarre structures, noise outbreaks and soothing minimalist soundscapes to end the CD.

Stworywodne must have been listening to a lot of post rock bands, but what they come up with isn’t enough to rank them among the better artists of this genre. As long as there are bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai, Pelican, Do Make Say Think, Explosions In The Sky, Mono,…, it will be very hard for Stworywodne to get more attention. They have created a respectable debut, but are still far off from having a personal touch.

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