Subinterior & Selaxon Lutberg - The Meeting

12 songs
72:50 minutes
***** *

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Originally released as four separate and extremely limited 3-inch CD-Rs, the two Italian ambient musicians Subinterior and Selaxon Lutberg decided to treat each of the four seasons with three songs each. Published on Lutberg’s own label Cold Current Productions, these collaborative efforts are of course hard to get. To make this interesting oeuvre available to a wider audience, Denovali Records decided to release the collection of EPs as a double vinyl record, fittingly titled The Meeting.

Every season gets its own vinyl side, starting with winter. A cursory examination reveals brooding ambient sounds full of gloomy, droning synthesizer sounds enveloped in a reverb heavy production, giving the impression as if the sonic elaborations are happening all around you. The artists intended to give every season its own distinct atmosphere, but once into spring, we hardly get pretty melodies and joyous eruptions. In fact the artists prefer to retain a sombre mood, and although from summer onwards get occasional atmospheric guitars in the mix, the basic recipe never changes drastically.

The tracks follow some kind of nomenclature, with every part containing one piece named after the season, one after a month from that season and finally one with just a regular title. The question is if all of this is any good. This is certainly not the kind of music most people are used to. There are no discernible rhythms, but rather a flow of sounds that envelops the listener in a hypnotic trance. The Meeting is probably best when listened to under headphones, or late at night in the darkness of your bedroom, but certainly not the soundtrack for a car drive. Fans of ambient electronica who don’t mind a certain oppressive touch might discover many wondrous elements.

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