SUBSONIC - Dark City

Subsonic - Dark City

11 songs
33:34 minutes
***** ***
Rebel / Musea


Bernard Cantat will stay in prison for a couple more years. So you either keep listening to your old Noir Désir albums, or you will be looking for alternatives. Subsonic could be just the place to start. Whoever I played this album to so far was amazed at the vocal similarities between Cantat and Subsonic singer Pierre Parys. Fortunately Subsonic from the Bretagne are more than just a clone. They are among others terrific song writers, and even if their second album Dark City suffers mostly from a too short running time, it is fully packed with memorable tunes, especially their fast rocking tracks like the opener A Bout de Souffle, Fashion Victime and Le Diable au Corps. Only the final song Irréversible transcends the four minute border, and its more psychedelic take on rock music gives the album a futuristic touch to end. Another highlight is Black Hills, starting rather mellow and ending with weird tribal backing vocals. With so many great original compositions, it should not be astonishing that the Serge Gainsbourg cover version Requiem pour un Con is the weakest moment on the album.

Subsonic have played already more than 300 concerts throughout France, and this routine shows on Dark City. They may be more than just a little influenced by Noir Désir, although they also consider everything from Edith Piaf to Trust to their roots, but in the end it’s the great songs that count. Highly recommended for fans of French rock music that covers every territory from hard rocking short tracks to mellow psyched out ballads without ever losing focus.

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