SUIDAKRA - 13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes

Suidakra - 13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes

17 songs
78:14 minutes
***** ****


Suidakra, whose name is Arkadius spelled backwards, were founded in 1994 and have succeeded since then to leave their mark in the German metal landscape. Their combination of melodic death, black and folk metal made them favourites with many kinds of metal fans. After eight studio albums, they decided to celebrate their thirteenth anniversary with a very special compilation.

The double album 13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes contains an audio CD and a DVD. The CD features seventeen songs taken from their albums, and as these are no new versions, this is not so interesting for Suidakra fans familiar with all the albums. Newcomers with the band get a nice survey of their career. Suidakra have a very smart approach and prove that combining folk and metal does not always have to sound like In Extremo or Subway To Sally. Their preference for Celtic, Breton and Scottish folklore lets the band sound rather British or Scandinavian. There is a lot of variety in their songwriting, surprising me again and again by how they melt melodic, aggressive and folkloric elements into one seamless entity. The dual vocal lines helps also to increase the quality.

The nearly two hour long DVD part is in my opinion the truly interesting part of this compilation. It starts with a concert at the Wacken Open Air, and despite the early afternoon time, the audience was already going along pretty well. The backing vocals aren’t as clean as on the CD, but apart from that, the quality is top notch. Their cover version of Skyclad’s One Piece Puzzle comes as a nice surprise. Sound and image quality are excellent, although a few more cameras would have made for a better live feeling.

It follows an acoustic set which was recorded in Kiel at the end of 2006. This not only shows the band from a different and unusual side, but also offers more cover versions: Whiskey In The Jar (Thin Lizzy), Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) and Johnny B. (TheHooters). Sound is flawless again, although the image could be sharper.

The DVD is concluded with a quarter hour long interview and two video clips: IXth Legion, Forth-Clyde.

As the compilation costs no more than a regular CD, fans of crunchy folk metal should absolutely consider getting this, as the quality is without a fault. 13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes is a succeeded birthday present!

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