SULACO - Sulaco

Sulaco - Sulaco

4 songs
14:42 minutes
***** ***
Relapse / Suburban


The band name makes you rather think of a soft drink company than of a no-holds-barred metal band, but if Sulaco really happened to be a drink, it would be one of the most bitter tasting ever. The three-piece has its origins in the American East Coast metal scene, and consequently adopts a genre that sounds a lot like East Coast death metal, although Sulaco are smart enough to add some of their own ingredients to make them much more than just another death metal band. I don't know if the two latter songs (Follow The Cloud and Motion In The Grid) are just more technical or if their music just takes some time to get access to your brain.

As it is, Sulaco combine mathy prog parts with their relentless brand of death metal, making their debut-EP a treat for fans of Morbid Angel and Dying Fetus as well as those of you who are more into the hardcore regions of noise, like Converge or Coalesce. It is not easy listening, but I was saddened anyway after fifteen short minutes when the torture took a sudden end. 8 points for a more than promising debut, making us hope for more good things to come in the not too distant future.

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