THE SUNPILOTS - King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues

The Sunpilots - King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues

8 songs
48:35 minutes
***** ****


The Sunpilots are quite the international band. Originally coming from Australia, they decided to leave their families to try their luck in the more densely populated Europe. Their vocalist Raj Siva Rajah has even a Sri Lankan background. In 2008 they released in Australia their first CD Living Receiver which generally received favourable reviews. In 2010 they moved to Berlin and played about 250 shows in the next two years. They even found some time to head to their rehearsal room to write material for their second album King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues.

The album title sounds quite bizarre. The eight songs make up a concept with a story reminding a little of 1984. The lyrics deal with a surveillance state and the philosophical question how much security one can gain without giving up too many liberties.

Just as hard as finding an answer to that question is a way to describe the band’s music. There is definitely alternative rock in the mix, but the progressive element is also represented quite emphatically. There are also some hard rock bits and pieces, and occasionally they even sound a little retro. It is obvious that the Sunpilots cannot be pinned to just one genre. Their songs are also generally quite long, with their attraction being the many unexpected twists and turns. The album starts with the actually weakest track 3 Minutes To Midnight which reminds me a little of King’s X. This is followed by the slightly funky title track where things become livelier. The climax comes with the nine minute long The Captain. They band is acting at their most playful here, in a way not unlike pop fantasists Spookey Ruben and Jellyfish. God Science is a dreamier track with a certain George Harrison vibe. The band also has a very appealing dramatic side as can be witnessed on The Piper’s Mirror and Sex And TV. The concluding Exodus is downright shredding hard rock and the ideal way to conclude this album.

Even though the Sunpilots are handling a dark topic, their music is just as colourful as their band name. A great band like them definitely needs to be supported by buying their album, but the band decided to offer King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues a free download on their website. So much fan-friendliness is quite rare to encounter nowadays!

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