SUPERCHARGER - Handgrenade Blues

Supercharger - Handgrenade Blues

11 songs
50:19 minutes
***** ***


The fact that Danes can rock has been proved by DAD more than twenty years ago. Now a new band from Copenhagen called Supercharger has released its ferocious debut album Handgrenade Blues.

The beginning of the opener and title track reminds strongly of the Guns N' Roses classic Welcome To The Jungle, and not only here do the Danes show that timeless rock music works great with them. Partly they show parallels to other rock bands of the Eighties like Whitesnake and Cinderella, but they are also quite at ease with the Seventies. T-Rex, The Sweet and especially AC/DC have left their traces. To add even more variety, Supercharger sometime flirt with Southern rock, nicely emphasised by occasional harmonica parts. The wild organ sounds provide the necessary retro touch.

Handgrenade Blues is definitely not a very original album, as the band is not hiding their influences. Nevertheless Supercharger manage effectively to get by despite the rather long running time. One reason may be that the musicians are still young and consequently fresh acting. The songs always are straightforward as you would expect from a solid hard rock band.

Maybe Supercharger have been infected by the incredible success of their countrymen Volbeat, and they are certainly acting on a same high level… and definitely much more interesting than the AC/DC clones Airbourne. The usually great mix by star producer Tue Madsen should convince the last sceptic to check out this exceptional debut.

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