SUPREME MAJESTY - Elements Of Creation

Supreme Majesty - Elements Of Creation

10 songs
43:52 minutes
***** *


I admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of the Swedes' second album they released about one and a half year ago, and not much has changed since then. Fairness obliges me to concede that Supreme Majesty are one of the more gifted melodic metal acts, but we may wonder if this genre didn't hit its peak with their fellow North men Europe.

Their third album Elements Of Creation may not be very long, but this way it doesn't run the risk of redundancy. The opener Soulseeker is a typical melodic power metal song, with a very nice (nice as in how your mothers would define the word) sounding vocalist. The next song Spellbound shows Supreme Majesty from a faster side, and behold, there is even a decently double bass kicking the rhythm ahead. Apart from Die In A Dream, more towards the end of the album, that's about all you will get for faster songs. The majority is your typical epic stuff, rather well done, with many but not too overwhelming keyboards and crunchy guitars that always make sure we stay on the side of metal.

The middle of the album disappoints with the very shallow ballad One More Promise and the strangely titled instrumental The Quest Part I (and what about the other parts?). Supreme Majesty are always best when they turn their necks towards power metal, and I am certain that with a more experimental approach, they could have made Elements Of Creation a real highlight of its genre. This time we have to be satisfied with a solid melodic heavy rock longplayer that pleases enough but never truly amazes.

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