SVARTAHRID - Malicious Pride

Svartahrid - Malicious Pride

10 songs
48:05 minutes
***** **


Norwegian black metal band Svartahrid had to look quite long (four years) to find a label to release their third album. Their hiatus was worsened by the fact that one of their former band members was convicted to prison for desecration of the dead (and I always thought that only happened in metal song lyrics). It’s maybe no surprise that the three-piece is back so soon with their fourth CD Malicious Pride, although in retrospect one might have wished they had waited a little longer.

Malicious Pride is certainly not a bad album, but the spark doesn’t really want to ignite. Svartahrid play very classical black metal, in the most Norwegian sense possible, spice it up with evilly barked vocals. Occasional keyboard parts make for moods the album might as well have done without. So while listening to the ten songs on Malicious Pride, you will be perfectly entertained, but after it’s finished you might have wished for a little more variety in songwriting and maybe a little more emphasis on the bass guitar, considering that Svartahrid is a classical power trio, even if one performing black metal.

This is fortunately not one of those too commercially sounding pomp black metal albums, but it eventually also isn’t really all that evil, making it an effective exercise in style that’s lacking the momentum of their comeback album. It’s still a good album, but the band should try to loosen their grip on their sometimes too formulaic black metal in order to make themselves more essential.

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