SVARTAHRID - Sadness And Wrath

Svartahrid - Sadness And Wrath

9 songs
43:51 minutes
***** ***


Sometimes it’s really hard to write a review. And then sometimes bands can be so predictable that the review practically writes itself. Svartahrid already boast a name that screams primal black metal in your face. Sadness And Wrath, their third album, was recorded four years ago, but only now they found a label willing to release it. Does it sound outdated therefore? Hell no, because their timeless mid-tempo to hyperblast black metal is as timeless as it comes. After a one minute synth intro, the Norwegian band delivers the goods: it’s charming, primitive yet never really monotonous, and when they play with fast-slow dynamics like on the title track, they sound as authentically as Hellhammer did more than twenty-five years ago.

The album rolls on for three quarters of an hour, never actually original, but throughout very entertaining, if you dig that kind of old-school black metal, at times even performed with a snotty attitude that could come from a crust punk band. Svartahrid know every cliché in the book, but I still prefer them to glossy neon black bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth who only use the aesthetics of the movement, but a music that has long since become mainstream. And mainstream is what Svartahrid are not. Sadness And Truth may not be a revelation, but it in the vast sea of black metal releases, it still manages to stand out, and that by itself is already quite an achievement these days.

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