SVARTSOT - Mulmets Viser

Svartsot - Mulmets Viser

12 songs
50:37 minutes
***** *


Following Ravnenes Saga, Mulmets Viser is the second longplayer by Danish Viking metal band Svartsot. If I were mean, I would just copy-paste last time’s review and just change the titles of the songs, and doubt that anyone would notice. Of course this is not what I am doing, but it is a fact that Mulmets Viser has the same strengths and weaknesses as its predecessor.

Their music is even rather original, as their pagan / folk / Viking metal sounds harder and more extreme than that of many similar bands. The songs contain plenty of heavy yet melodic riffs that procure sufficient drive. The folk elements come in form of flutes and other assorted traditional wind instruments, and more than once you feel like participating at a Celtic or Viking festival. The solid production helps to yield the most out of the band. Even variety is not neglected, because the sluggish Den Svarte Sot entertains just as well as the neck-breaker Jagten. Unfortunately the rather subpar vocal performance strips the music of some of its fun. The new singer Thor Bager doesn’t do a better job than his predecessor. The harsh parts would fit better the death metal genre and feel wrong in the context of a folk metal band. The contrast between music and vocals is just too extreme and strains the patience after a while. Some parts have a more thrash metal singing style (for instance Lokkevisen), which is already more appealing.

Svartsot definitely have talent, when it comes to playing their instruments and to writing songs. Unfortunately the good spadework is marred by below average singing. Svartsot should keep on looking for a frontman who finally gives their music justice.

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