SVYATOGOR - Doctor Veritas

Svyatogor - Doctor Veritas

10 songs
51:45 minutes
***** ***


Svyatogor was originally a knightly here from an old Russian legend. Nowadays the name also stands for a Ukrainian metal band. Therefore it shouldn’t surprise that they are into pagan metal. The band was founded in 1999 but released their debut only in 2005. A second album followed three years later, and now they are back with their third CD Doctor Veritas.

The band is very varied from a linguistic point of view. Next to their native Ukrainian, they also have Russian and English lyrics. On the second to last track La Concupiscence, they even sing in French. This song is enormously dark, even spooky, and thanks to the great female guest vocalist, it sets itself apart from the remaining material. More contemplative music can be found on the title track and on Inevitability, where a violin adds to the suspense. Svyatogor are also at ease in the nasty black metal genre, adding fierce growls that perfectly match the chaos. But don’t expect the band to floor the accelerator constantly. They are also inspired by the art rock movement and find time and again room for introspective, atmospheric moments that give the music an adept dark and mysterious feeling. The experimental side is explored with occasional saxophone parts. In the end, only two songs (Nor Fire, Nor Sword and Spit And Forget) rely solely on extreme metal ingredients.

Doctor Veritas has become a very sophisticated album with incredible depth. Svyatogor prove masterfully how deep contemporary black metal can sound. The album has so many facets that even gothic and doom fans – at least the more open-minded ones – will find a lot to like. You won’t find any cheerfulness here, but the journey of Doctor Veritas is, from the first to the last note, full of sizzling suspense.

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