SWORN AMONGST - And So It Begins

Sworn Amongst - And So It Begins

10 songs
54:28 minutes
***** ***
Rising / SPV


Thrash metal has seen a regular revival these last years, and some of those bands hit into the retro movement where even new bands sound like Sodom, Destruction and Kreator. Sworn Amongst from the United Kingdom are not influenced by the German pioneers, but prefer a harder approach that ends with severe neck aches. Founded in Hull in 2002, the band has released three EPs and a longplayer before their new And So It Begins.

The balance between really raw verses and melodic, catchy choruses work quite well. Even the countless guitar solos never disturb but rather enhance the songs. Especially the double bass drum attacks are impressive and on par with Dave Lombardo. Sworn Amongst, at their most brutal, remind me of North American thrash bands like Pantera and Annihilator, certainly not the worst comparisons. Among my favourites are Blind Faith, Lord Of War and No Turning Back, where the switching between fast parts to perfectly arranged choruses works flawlessly. The band works hard on their elaborate songwriting, and their complexity draws at times parallels to progressive thrashers like Meshuggah and Fear Factory.

There has been quite sufficient name dropping in the preceding paragraph, which proves that Sworn Amongst haven’t reinvented the wheel with And So It Begins, which still is an incredibly good album that sounds like a tribute to the last twenty years of US thrash metal. Those who are into these aforementioned bands should definitely check Sworn Amongst out, because they know how to excite their audience.

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