SYMPHONITY - Voice From The Silence

Symphonity - Voice From The Silence

11 songs
53:11 minutes
***** **


Until now I associated the Czech Republic mostly with metal bands of the more extreme kind. Symphonity, formerly known as Nemesis, have their origins in the mid-Nineties, and try now to conquer the rest of the world with their second album Voice From The Silence, released five years after their debut which went mostly unnoticed outside their country.

At home in melodic power metal, or should we say fantasy metal, parallels to Rhapsody come instantly to my mind, not only because their German vocalist Olaf Hayer has been a member in Luca Turilli’s band. The instrument players also do their best to furnish their metal with all kinds of adornments. The guitars sound fanciful, the keyboards are functional throughout but from time to time step forward with flamboyant soloing. The rhythm section takes care not to let the music drift off into bland kitsch. Olaf Hayer crowns the ensemble with his very able vocals that are among the better in the genre, but also strips the music of its identity, as his voice has been heard already in many bands (Luca Turilli from Italy, Dionysus from Sweden, Magic Kingdom from Belgium,… the man is a true internationalist!).

Four instrumentals among eleven songs is a bit too much, and especially the two bookending the sublime The Silence are quite superfluous. The vocal songs are therefore much more rewarding: Give Me Your Helping Hand, Bring Us The Light and the nearly nine minute long Evening Star are prime examples of how to perform top league melodic metal. And when all is over, we are surprised with a hidden bonus track, their rendition of the Nena Eighties pop classic Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann which works astonishingly well.

Voice From The Silence is certainly not a metal milestone, but in a melodic metal landscape that has recently suffering from virulent insipidness, Symphonity can claim to be one of the more relevant bands in the genre

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