SYMPHORCE - Become Death

Symphorce - Become Death

10 songs
52:08 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Become Death is already the sixth CD by Symphorce, one of Germany's best power metal bands. I first came in contact with their third CD phorcefulAhead which I only found average, but their two next albums, Twice Second and Godspeed, showed enormous improvement. I thought that Symphorce had already achieved their personal zenith, but Become Death is again a huge step forward.

The album cover is by far the darkest motive ever on a Symphorce album, and that attitude also gets reflected in the music. Even if I wrote this sentence already in their last review, but the new Symphorce album is the band's most extreme and mature work so far. The opener Darkness Fills The Sky is quite brutal, a mixture of power and thrash metal and sounding a bit like a Nevermore classic. It's followed by Condemned, a bombastic song with a modern approach inspired by American nu metal bands. Even if Symphorce present themselves from a quieter and more emotional side than on In The Hopes Of A Dream, the song writing is still powerful and the integrated piano parts work well. Singer Andy B. Franck (who is also the Brainstorm frontman) has a great voice and doesn't sound like an eunuch even in the higher registers. If I have to search for a comparison, I would come up with Geoff Tate from Queensr˙che. The album's darkest track is No Final Words To Say which contains big dramatic parts. The deep vocals make it tasty for every Type O Negative fan. Fans of progressive metal will adore Ancient Prophecies which has an excellent, weird start.

The only disappointing songs are Lost But Found and Towards The Light which are sounding too much like typical German power metal songs and the strange hidden bonus track. But the rest of the album is so strong and intensive that you have no other possibility than forgive those little less succeeded passages. Become Death is a fine example of how innovative metal has to sound nowadays.

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