SYMPHORCE - Godspeed

Symphorce - Godspeed

11 songs
41:52 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


The band name and the cover artwork could make you think that Symphorce are another of those endlessly boring German power metal bands. But they proved already on their last CD Twice Second that their metal can be taken much more seriously than the usual stuff you hear on the records by all these true metal clones. Unfortunately their fifth album Godspeed starts with one of those totally useless instrumental intros, but the first notes from the first real track Everlasting Life show that Symphorce are a metal band with real bite. Symphorce create a sound with the right balance between melodies and heaviness so that they can expect a broad range of fans for their new and most mature album as yet.

Andy B. Franck who is also the Brainstorm singer has become one of Germany's best frontmen in the metal scene. His voice is extremely powerful and you get the impression that he really lives for fast and furious metal. The songwriting itself is even more various than on their previous albums. The overall sound is quite energetic and extremely modern. If you really have to find comparisons, stop searching the Eighties, but think of more contemporary metal bands like Sanctuary or Sentenced. My general impression is that Godspeed is so far Symphorce's most extreme album. Haunting shows strong nu metal influences, Black Water could make Marilyn Manson look even paler than he already is and Wounds Will Last Within is surprisingly thrashy.

After the intro, you hear eight examples of finest metal. Unfortunately the last two songs can't keep the level. The Mirrored Room is a quite pure and traditional power metal song while Crawling Walls For You too slow compared to the rest. Nevertheless Symphorce have again done a great step forward and I hope that this evolution will continue.

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