TAINT - The Ruin Of Nova Roma

Taint - The Ruin Of Nova Roma

10 songs
57:47 minutes
***** ****
Rise Above


A few years ago, I purchased a CD called Die Die Truthspeaker by Taint in a second hand shop. The CD was rather cheap, but the cover didn't look too bad and the salesman told me the album was excellent. Nave as I am, I believed everything and spent 200 LUF (now more or less 5 euros) for a record that didn't convince me at all. The music was a mixture of sludge rock, noise and hardcore with a lot of distortions, but not played very skilfully.

Five years later, I received a promo album by the same band. The style itself hasn't changed too much, but luckily the band has made enormous progress during this half decade. The opener The Sound-Out Competition immediately lets you know what Taint are all about. You get deeply tuned guitars, fierce vocals and a bombastic rhythm section in a very varied song that starts in a brutal way before turning into something sludgier and even slightly doomish. And that's exactly the recipe for success behind Taint. The album contains only two songs running less than three minutes. The other songs are with one exception always between five and eight minutes long and contain lots of different passages. Stoners will like Zealots & Whores and He Got Cop Eyes which show parallels to Monster Magnet. Rockers will be satisfied with Drunken Marksman and I'm Going To Kill Henry Ford where especially the vocals remind me of early Danzig records. And emo fans shall check out songs like The Idol / The Memory and Cours et Conquistadors which are sounding like a harder version of Fugazi. And the doom faction is not neglected on Amaranthine, the slowest track on the album running for nearly ten minutes.

The progress realised by Taint on this album is fabulous. I don't know if I shall call the music noise, emo, hard, doom, sludge or whatever, but the entire album is a unique masterpiece of non commercial music full of electric instruments and distortions. The Ruin Of Nova Roma has the potential to become a classic, even if only in the underground. Taint is a band worth following.

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