TANKARD - Best Case Scenario: 25 Years In Beers

Tankard - Best Case Scenario: 25 Years In Beers

15 songs
64:41 minutes
***** ****


Best Case Scenario: 25 Years In Beers is a witty title to celebrate their anniversary with the release of a best-of compilation. The cover artwork shows the skyline of Mainhattan aka Frankfurt, the hometown of Tankard, one of Germany’s most important thrash metal acts.

This new compilation is in many ways more interesting then the first one, Hair Of The Dog, which was released in 1989. Best Case Scenario contains fifteen classic tracks that were originally released between 1986 and 1995. It seems that Tankard have understood that the first half of their history has been more exciting than the second one. The CD features re-recorded versions with today’s improved studio technology and equipment. There is therefore not a single bad word to be said about the sound. Tankard have even been able to keep an authentic early thrash metal sound.

It doesn’t make sense to write a lot about the songs which most thrash metal fans must be familiar with. The album contains a huge number of classics like Zombie Attack from their debut, sing-along tracks like Empty Tankard, Chemical Invasion and 666 Packs, and some material I hadn’t heard before but which fascinated me anyway (Nation Over Nation, Two-Faced,…). Expect fast and sometimes hectic thrash metal riffs, a vocalist who can’t really sing but therefore shout, and rather simple melodies. But all of this combined makes for Tankard’s very own charm. I don’t understand why the album contains a medley of four tracks as there was enough space left on the disk to add the entire songs. Especially Mon Cherie is a classic that I would have liked complete.

Their music has passed the test of time and is still a necessary accessory for every metal party. Be sure to grab a copy of the limited edition which contains a second disc with eighteen bands (Paradox, Manticora, Abandoned, Paragon, Sacred Steel,…) paying a tribute to Tankard.

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