TARNGO - Enorm

Tarngo - Enorm

17 songs
41:23 minutes
***** *


Jörg Schneider is the drummer of Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos, has recorded already more than twenty albums, and is considered to be one of the hardest punching rhythm men in Germany. Now he got together with bass player Scharco who has also garnered experience in underground bands, and together they try to invent boss nova noise, which is their idea of fast rhythms delivered only by drums and bass, without vocals! Or to liberally quote them: you get a full dose of crossover between Meshuggah and Stan Getz.

If you subtract the first and the last song, both bass guitar only tracks, the remaining fifteen pieces hardly ever transcend the three minute border, and although the technical prowess of the two indie rock veterans is obvious, the lightning fast sequence of songs makes it hard to really get into a song. Especially the first half of the CD contains some delectable compositions, like Furore and The Reflection Of A Reaction, where the drums sound like thunderstorms, and the multilayered bass guitar lays an interesting melody on top of the droning rhythm.

The premise of the album, to play as fast as possible and reduce themselves to two bottom-heavy instruments, makes of course for exhaustive listening. When art and noise collide, you can win or you can lose or you can, like in the case of Tarngo, do neither. Seeing these two artists playing their songs in a live atmosphere, with all the decibels and sweat involved, must make for an unforgettable experience that is just nearly impossible to repeat in your living room.

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