TAUB - The Wrong Path

Taub - The Wrong Path

7 songs
33:58 minutes
***** **


Consisting of musician/producer Me Raabenstein from Berlin and musician/composer Harold Nono from Edinburgh, Taub are one of those bands where they participants don’t actually meet to record their music. With the help of the Internet, it is nowadays possible for two people living far away from each other to still come up with a common project. Taub released their debut Bedtime Stories on Nonine Records, the label which has released already quite a few of Me Raabenstein’s records in the past. For their second collaborative effort, Taub opted this time for Bearsuit Records, home of Harold Nono.

Both artists have a background in the visual arts (film, painting and sound installation), and therefore it shouldn’t surprise that their music works a little like an impressionist painting. The seven songs on The Wrong Path are short sketches that conjure blurry images in your mind, with a certain movie score quality. Yet the duo goes further, doing their best to break out of the often insubstantial soundtrack genre by adding disquieting downbeats, avant-garde structures and contemporary classical elements that are best highlighted by the gloomy cello.

The Wrong Path is a challenging piece of experimental instrumental electro-acoustic music which features enough melody to prevent it from becoming tedious. The different tracks take some time to unfold their many facets, so that a first cursory glance will not reveal all hidden treasures that these two artists from Germany and Scotland have hidden in their songs. When the record stops after short thirty-four minutes, you find yourself yearning for more. This is purest cinema for the soul that should appeal to aficionados of intelligent experimental music. Those who prefer regular songs, the way you can hear them being aired on the radio, had better stay tuned in on their favourite station and leave Taub to those willing to go a step further.

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