Teamkiller - Bad Signs

13 songs
34:20 minutes
Dead Serious


Teamkiller are a young band from Stuttgart (Germany) who have only released one EP before their full length debut Bad Signs. The cover artwork doesn't look too friendly and after a quiet intro, you are attacked by a lot of noise commonly known as hardcore. Teamkiller, who rose from the ashes of Absidia and Sidekick, are mostly influenced by American hardcore legends, with bands like Terror and Sick Of It All their major influences.

The vocals are very aggressive, the song structures are kept at a simple level and the speed is so high that even more extreme metal fans could like the songs which are rarely longer than two minutes. Even though there are a lot of mosh parts, Bad Signs has nothing to do with metalcore which isn't such a bad thing. The production by Martin Korth (Cataract) is very solid and that's important for this record which however shows a severe lack of innovation. The album contains some nice items like the impressively fast Touched By The Cursed and some really brutal songs like Clones vs Clones and War Machinery, but that's not enough as you also have to consider the huge amount of not bad, but only average tracks.

It's hard to release a smashing hardcore album with an original sound. Acoustic guitars on the last track Last Nails don't change my general impression and I wonder who really needs another old school hardcore band. I'm sure that seeing Teamkiller live on stage could be an intensive experience, but there are just too many more experienced bands I prefer to Teamkiller who as a young band however still have time to improve.

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