Tenfold Loadstar - Mellow Garden

14 songs
49:24 minutes
***** *
L'Age d'Or


Tenfold Loadstar are a pop three-piece from Hamburg, Germany. Although Mellow Garden is only their second CD, all three musicians have already a musical past. The guitar player and the drummer used to be members of Bata Express, an underestimated diskurs pop band who had a little hit in 1998 called Jetzt ist Sommer und es regnet. The singer gathered some experience with Hi Ho Silver, but I had never heard of her band before. The music by Tenfold Loadstar can be classified as quite minimalist indie pop in search of beautiful melodies. Sun And Rain is a cover version of the earlier named Bata Express hit, but the new version has not only another language than the original, but also a much slower and fragile melody. And that exactly is my problem with Tenfold Loadstar. They definitely are an original band and I can't name you anyone sounding identical, but their atmospheric slow songs with a slight folk touch let you miss some more beat. Some songs like Williams or Berlin are groovier because they contain more electronic trashy sounds, but in general, Tenfold Loadstar are afraid to make some noise. Singer Caro Garske has a very clear voice which makes you think of an elf (just listen to Little Planet to be convinced), but the albums leaves nevertheless a somehow bored impression.

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