TEN FOOT POLE - Bad Mother Trucker

Ten Foot Pole - Bad Mother Trucker

12 songs
29:12 minutes
***** **


I don't know why, but it seems that more and more bands are switching from Epitaph to Victory Records. After Voodoo Glow Skulls, it came still as a surprise that Ten Foot Pole did that same move. They sold a lot of albums for Epitaph and also had a melodic punk sound you came to expect from a band on that label.

Be it as it is, and let's concentrate on the facts. After being in business for 20 years already (even if the band's debut was only released in 1993), they have acquired a certain routine that makes listening to their albums quite a pleasure. But the first bad surprise comes with the total playing time of slightly under half an hour. OK, quantity doesn't equal quality, but the big CD stores charge the same amount of money. One excuse might be that there is really no song longer than 3 minutes on Bad Mother Trucker (funny or infantile title, you be the judge). This also puts all the songs in the fast track. The band's advanced age (ha ha) gives their music a maturity you won't get with Blink 182 or Sum 41 in the next 10 years. Some songs, especially the sad Nova Scotia and the emotionally charged Sarah Jones, are totally awesome, especially the latter which carries a clearly feministic message. Which again differs from other melodic punk bands. Ten Foot Pole's music may be fun most of the time, but their lyrics are very serious and intelligent.

Anyone who digs stuff like Descendents or All (other old bands that still kick ass) should check out Bad Mother Trucker. I would have given a higher rating for 10 more minutes of music and some more relaxed parts as you got on the last Bad Religion (who got better since they returned to Epitaph). Still this is one of the better melodic punk albums you will get in this time and age.

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