TEPHRA - A Modicum Of Truth

Tephra - A Modicum Of Truth

11 songs
68:10 minutes
***** ***


Shame on me! Last December Tephra played a festival gig not even five car minutes away from my home and I came late to the show and missed them. That’s why I consider A Modicum Of Truth to be my second chance to get to know these guys from Braunschweig in Germany, and although their new CD / double-LP takes some time to get used to, their take on post metal is not bad at all.

Heavily inspired by Isis and Mastodon, Tephra construct mostly long songs (five of the eleven tracks are more than eight minutes long) that take their time to develop to explode always in a culmination of noise. Post metal is heavy metal’s answer to post rock, except where post rock can become boring and uneventful, post metal comes quicker to the noisy parts. A few shorter pieces make for some breaks to allow you to catch your breath before their epics build wall-of-sound guitar attacks, with suffering anguished vocals providing the necessary soundtrack.

Tephra don’t have yet the subtlety of their forefathers, but especially the thirteen minute running final track In The Valley surprises with female vocals and an even denser atmosphere than before. A Modicum Of Truth may be nearly seventy minutes long, but becomes at no moment boring. Eight points for a solid effort, and if Tephra decide to use more atmospheric moments in the future, they certainly have a bright career ahead of them. Recommended for fans of sludgy doom hardcore post metal.

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