TERHEN - Eyes Unfolded

Terhen - Eyes Unfolded

5 songs
53:50 minutes
***** **


Residing in a small village in the middle of nowhere a three hour drive north of Helsinki, Finnish six-piece Terhen have dedicated themselves to crawling melodic doom death metal. Their debut album Eyes Unfolded contains five tracks that run between seven and thirteen minutes. The three first songs were already in different versions on a previous demo CD.

Closing your eyes, you must get a true autumn feeling with an upcoming threat of inches deep snow soon to cover the land. The guitars are tuned very low and play very long lasting chords, the drummer sounds as if he’s sitting in a vat of molasses, keyboard carpets make for a slightly more romantic ambience. The vocals are deeply growled and only rarely more melodic female voices make for a mellower atmosphere.

All in all Terhen managed to craft a pleasing debut album. They remind me at times of early My Dying Bride, which in my book were always the forefathers of gentlemanly doom death metal. At times the album still feels a bit vague, as if the band forces themselves to play really long songs without daring to add sometimes more experimental elements to loosen things up. But there’s a lot of potential already present, which hopefully helps the band to become more mature on a possible next release.

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