TËSCHEGAS - Industrielle Läichendéngscht

Tëschegas - Industrielle Läichendéngscht

10 songs
47:05 minutes
***** ****
(self released)


One thing’s for sure: Tëschegas’ debut album Industrielle Läichendéngscht (industrial funeral service) is bound to polarise. When I first heard about them, I was rather sceptical and thought them to be just another local band performing proletarian Luxembourgish lyrics. And one some level, that’s even true. But then there is the caustic satirical undertone running throughout the album that you can deem either incredibly funny or just plain disrespectful. But then I don’t doubt that this was the band’s aim from the very start.

Consisting of veterans who play(ed) in bands like Benny and the Bugs, Poshblokes, Do Androïds Dream Of Electric Sheep? and Nowhere Fast, Tëschegas’ music has in fact very little to do with these other bands. Their chosen genre is rather simplistic rock music with occasional hard rock and heavy metal influences, and it all sounds somehow like a not too expensively recorded record from the late Eighties or early Nineties. Moof, for instance, have done this throughout their career, but Tëschegas definitely have more of an ironic distance towards themselves and matter-of-factly call their genre Minetter Metal, after the once iron-ore rich region of South Luxembourg.

The lyrics are probably what will split audiences. The intro gathers interview snippets about the end of the industrial age in Luxembourg, and the first regular song Zolwer Gras is so full of locally patriotic pride that less informed people might draw parallels to the Böhse Onkelz. But as somebody who has been born and bred in the South of Luxembourg, I know of course that we have a special right to pride ourselves in our history, as everyone from down here has at least one grandfather who worked at the ARBED. This local-patriotism can be found in several other songs (Minetter vu Gottes Gnod, Deng Päif ass Geschicht), but there are of course also other topics. Erotesch Regierungskris laments the fact that Luxembourg’s female politicians are not as good looking as those of foreign countries, 1 dobannen! starts as a song about basketball (and I can’t fathom why on Earth these Minetter guys are in favour of the Ösling team Etzella…) which turns into a drinking song before ending in a boy-picks-up-girl happy-ending scenario. Another of my favourites is Familljendag, which is about how men have to work hard all day just to be terrorised by their wives during weekends.

In some ways, Tëschegas remind me of German fun punk metal band Dimple Minds, but they are of course funnier as I can relate to their lyrics. But I have a strong suspicion that anyone not from the South of Luxembourg might not get his very peculiar kind of humour. So it’s up to you if you want to rate it 0 or 10 points, and I would have done the latter, but in a moment of objective lucidity, I decided to subtract one point as some tracks are running too long for my taste. Apart from that, Industrielle Läichendéngscht is the antithesis to progressive rock. It’s simple, nearly banal from a musical perspective, but together with the mimicked lower class vocals and lyrics, it is actually a really fun album that is a valuable addition to the local music scene!

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