TESSMARKA - Tessmarka

Tessmarka - Tessmarka

6 songs
19:12 minutes
***** **


Tessmarka were founded in Essex, England in 2004 and released their self-titled EP a year later. Why we received it with a three year delay will remain a mystery, but you can still give this band twenty minutes of your time.

Tessmarka don’t reinvent music, but their hybrid of brit pop, rock’n’roll and pop punk is entertaining enough. Their songs are quite fast but also have a knack for neat melodies, making them a sure candidate for rock radio airplay. The band borrows from the English and Swedish rock movements, although the vocals make their origin unmistakable. Only Starting Over is a little tamer, although I prefer the concluding Committed with its catchy melody that refuses to leave my mind.

The music is so trendy that it’s surprising that they didn’t choose a band name starting with The. Fans of these bands (The Hives, The Killers, The (International) Noise Conspiracy,…) but also Ash and Supergrass, should consider also trying Tessmarka.

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