theCARPS' - EP

5 songs
27:37 minutes
***** **


Tétange is to Luxembourg what Detroit is to the USA: a true crucible of talented rock bands. It all started with rock'n'roll übervater Camillo Felgen being born there sometime in the 1920s, with bands like dEFDUMp, Pronoian Made and Chief Mart's having their roots there too. When it became suddenly silent about the latter, two members formed the electronic big beat band Principal Trade Center, while their keyboarder changed his pianos for a guitar, recruited his younger brother on the bass guitar, and together with a drummer, they started fuzz-rocking under the name theCARPS', with a suffixed apostrophe, probably to show where their roots lie.

Where Chief Mart's was mostly an instrumental psychedelic progressive rock band, theCARPS' have a far more rock oriented approach to their music. The guitars find their homebase somewhere between stoner and psychedelic rock, the bass guitar is droning as on very early Motörhead songs, the drums are functional and straightforward, and the vocals shared between guitar and bass player try to work harmonies, although they still have to work on that, I am afraid.

It's not a secret that their main influence is Motorpsycho, they don't even try to hide this fact. Some people may feel irritated by that fact, because theCARPS' are sometimes very close to being a clone, but at least they have strong songwriting skills, which at the moment can best be seen on the three mellower tracks (Lullaby For The Lurker and the two longer pieces It's Hard and Celestial Spiral), which would even work better with more powerful vocals. The two dirtier songs Clones (haha!) and When I Am Tired don't have the depth of the aforementioned ones, but work better due to their simpler arrangements. Keyboard and melodica parts add also coloration to the music.

theCARPS' are a band with potential, I am sure of that. Their first EP, already a year old, shows a glimpse of what the future can bring.

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