THE MORE I SEE - The Wolves Are Hungry

The More I See - The Wolves Are Hungry

12 songs
48:57 minutes
***** ****
Steamhammer / SPV


England is not exactly the capital of heavy metal music, and considering that band founder Gizz Butt used to play in bands like English Dogs, Janus Stark and even Prodigy should make you expect the worst. Luckily I listened to the album before reading the label info sheet and thus got a totally unspoiled first impression. When I later read that these guys are from the Isles, I was totally surprised, as the album sounds more like traditional late-80s thrash from the American West Coast. While I feel strongly reminded of bands like Armored Saint, Wrathchild America and Metal Church (three bands that always defined more me the genre of power metal), TMIS add an incredibly huge amount of melody, mostly heard on the harmonic vocals, that are blended perfectly into the music by way of the powerful production by Andy Sneap.

This is an album you should listen to from the start, because if you're already appalled by the shameless combining of melody and aggression on the opener Violate, then you're not fit for the rest of the album. In fact, the guitar chords are at times very choppy and dry, typically thrash of the 80s, while the vocals are always melodic, and sometimes even downright sweet. I know that in times of nu metal mentality where one metal clown wants to be tougher than their neighbours, The Wolves Are Hungry may be considered wimpy, but I can't think of many (if any) powerful metal albums that are so unique in the context of what is hype at the moment. TMIS may not be the most original band, but they come with this genre in a time where most other metal bands are afraid of situating themselves between aggro thrash and whiny Creed clones, and that deserves a lot of respect.

Other highlights include Paralysed and Chez Wrong, but the level stays constantly high, which makes The Wolves Are Hungry one of the most surprising and positive metal debuts in a long time.

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