THIS IS A STANDOFF - Be Disappointed

This Is A Standoff - Be Disappointed

13 songs
34:05 minutes
***** ****


Canadian punk rockers This Is A Standoff’s debut album Be Excited made an incredible impact. Two musicians used to be in the legendary Belvedere and were able to convey the excellence of that band to their new one. The album title fitted the music perfectly, making me wonder why they decided to call its successor Be Disappointed. I was relieved once I heard that the opener The Light Is Still On In Broadmoor had still the usual brilliance.

This Is A Standoff still play cheerful punk reminding of the genre’s popular time during the mid-Nineties, making one grab the skateboard and head outdoors. You get quite fast punk rock with the necessary amount of edginess. The choruses are splendidly catchy and display the band’s intriguing capacity to create wonderful harmonies. Even a track with a dark title like Graveyards allows the sun to shine. Parallels to Bad Religion, Rise Against and No Use For A Name are hard to deny, but the music is fun nonetheless on Be Disappointed, much more than just a clone of preceding genre bands. Some tracks even contain occasional growls which also benefit the overall sound. Days Go By and Go With Me are two authentic hits, prime examples of proper melodic punk rock. Nearly all the songs lie beneath the three minute border, only the concluding Trails Of White is four and a half minutes long, proving that the Canadians are also adept at longer structures.

There are hardly any differences to the debut on Be Disappointed, but so much talent and passion didn’t really need considerable changes. This Is A Standoff are still one of the more important bands in today’s punk rock music.

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