THOT - A Vegetal Noise Music Story

Thot - A Vegetal Noise Music Story

5 songs
26:04 minutes
***** ***


Labelling its genre as live electronic, giving away separate sound files for fan remixes and covering Justice should be hints enough of what to expect of Brussels based band Thot, but appearances can be misleading. Founded by Grégoire Fray, Thot soon recruited musicians to allow fiercer live shows. Maybe the original idea had been to play electronic music, but Thot have long since incorporated wildly screaming guitars and vocals into their sound.

The promotional CD I have the honour to listen to is not sold as is, but consists of the band’s two EPs and cover version of Justice’s Waters Of Nazareth. The two songs from the Fig. 2&3: Stories Of The Hill Mover And The Fields Tuner EP come first, with the short and fierce Moved Hills displaying a band performing highly energetic and incredibly dynamic alternative rock relying on plenty electronic gadgetry for maximum weirdness. The vocals are powerful, adding further to the splendid impression. The following Spellbound Fields is an epic seven minute piece that has a slightly lower pace and features somewhat ethnic sounding vocals, but certainly doesn’t cut back on the noise factor. Fig. 1: The Apple Tree Lover contains two versions of Solid Insecure Flower. The original mix is another upbeat electro rocker, with the emphasis on “rock”, and it’s only with the MPK Remix that we see the band’s more electronic side. But even here we get plenty of beats and distortion to keep us entertained. Their take on Justice’s Waters Of Nazareth comes with a gritty sound, but doesn’t work as good as their own material. Maybe the French electro superstars are just uncoverable.

Both EPs can be bought and downloaded for free on the band’s homepage. For now I am truly amazed by the unbelievable muscular sound Thot display on their two EPs, but also a little distressed that they never put more music on their releases. If they are able to maintain this level on a longplayer, a higher rating is definitely possible. Belgium may have a new sensation in the making.

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