THOT - Obscured By The Wind

Thot - Obscured By The Wind

10 songs
44:53 minutes
***** ****
White Leaves


Last year I was highly pleased by some EPs by Belgian industrial rock collective Thot, only complaining that there hasn’t been a longplayer full of their great music yet. Actually there was a debut in 2005, when Thot was still the project by mastermind Grégoire Fray. Since then there came a heap of EPs, singles and remixes, all of them offered for free on their Bandcamp site. Obscured By The Wind is finally the hoped for full-length album, although to be truthful, it should be rather considered as a compilation of their previous songs. Offered as a limited edition CD and a pay-what-you-want download version, there is still no reason to complain.

Thot have grown as a band over the years, guaranteeing them a sound quite atypical for the industrial genre. Maybe that’s why they describe their style as vegetal noise music. Not that that makes any more sense, but there is an undeniable organic punch that sets them positively apart from the high majority of purer industrial bands. Once you made it past the short atmospheric intro Eolien, you will find yourself surprised at the brutal straightforwardness of Take A Bow And Run, a perfect example of how to combine industrial, noise rock and electro into a seamless whole. To make things even better, the intelligent arrangements and Fray’s excellently charismatic vocals help to let Thot be in a class of their own.

Another short intermezzo, and the steamrolling madness continues with Moved Hills, another ear-opening masterpiece with forceful drumming, piano driven madness and oriental chanting. This must sound irreconcilable but the guys manage to make it work. I don’t want to get into detail for every track. You can stream or download the album and get your own impression, or purchase the CD which comes with an additional bonus track. Obscured By The Wind may eventually just be a compilation of EPs and singles, but it’s a perfect listening experience nonetheless, and in my opinion much more nutritious than the sterile grub we are used to from your typical industrial rock band. But then we are talking about vegetal noise music here!

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