Thought Sphere - Gold

4 songs
12:53 minutes
***** ***

This is supposed to be a promo-EP preceding Thought Sphere's third album to date. As it is a very short EP, we'll keep the review short as well. The main song is Gold, which some of us older people might remember from the Eighties pop band Spandau Ballet. A very unusual choice for a cover version, if you ask me, and very daring too, but: this song seriously kicks ass. Sometimes I catch myself listening to this song over and over again. That's probably one way to fight my trauma of having listened to too much pop music in the Eighties. Also it is a more interesting choice than always covering Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

Then there is one older song (Thought Sphere 2000) and a single edit version of a song from the coming album. This latter song is also a grand demonstration of how progressive metal with excellent guitar work can still be straight enough to make you wanna headbang to it. Then there is one last song (if you wanna call it that way), which is a parody of the grind core genre in less than a minute. I personally like grind core very much, and because I have a sense of humour, I can smile about it, but the song, ironically called Mom's Gonna Be Pissed, doesn't have the energy of real grind core.

Anyway, Gold gives us a good taste of things to come, and if you like your prog metal hardrocking enough, then Thought Sphere is the band for you to check out... also check out their homepage.

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