THREE - The End Is Begun

Three - The End Is Begun

14 songs
57:16 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Three is not a newcomer band as they released already three albums under the name 3 for a small label called Planet Noise. Last year, Metal Blade re-released their excellent Wake Pig record. The End Is Begun is thus the fourth CD by Three and not too different from their previous one. The songs are at first maybe less easy to digest, but the second time they are already more enjoyable than before.

The five-piece is from Woodstock and the album coincidentally also has a certain hippie flair. The music is again difficult to describe, but parallels to Coheed And Cambria, Porcupine Tree, Dead Soul Tribe, Galactic Cowboys and King’s X mentioned in a former review still make sense. The End Is Begun has a mellow attitude by containing many acoustic parts. Joey Eppard is an excellent guitar player and an exceptional singer with a voice similar to Geddy Lee.

The CD contains a number of accessible tracks that should even be suitable to a more pop focused audience. Serpents In Disguise and Diamond In The Crush have such melodic choruses that I could imagine them getting a radio airplay. Sometimes Three also like to rock which works best on My Divided Falling, a fast and rhythmic track with a funny thrash metal ending. Yet this track is an exception on a record that prefers to play a fluid mixture of pop and rock with diverse elements like progressive rock, flamenco guitars, jazz beats and even a bit of metal. The most important rule seems to be that the songs are captivating and memorable.

Everyone who liked Wake Pig will also like The End Is Begun, even if it takes more time to get into it. But it’s worth it as you’ll miss otherwise an exceptional album which is as good as its predecessor, even if the surprising elements have meanwhile vanished.

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